251 results (0 hidden) in 0.09 seconds www > xthexder/Wide_Github
Wide Github v1.4.1
Change all Github repository and gist pages to be full width and dynamically sized. www > xthexder/Wide_GitHub
Wide GitHub v1.4.3
Change all GitHub repository and gist pages to be full width and dynamically sized. www > 411834
download github sub-folder via one click, copy the single file's source code easily www > Mottie/GitHub-userscripts/github-code-colors
GitHub Code Colors v2.0.5
A userscript that adds a color swatch next to the code color definition www > Mottie/GitHub-userscripts/github-image-preview
GitHub Image Preview v2.0.4
A userscript that adds clickable image thumbnails www > Mottie/GitHub-userscripts/github-toc
GitHub Table of Contents v2.1.2
A userscript that adds a table of contents to readme & wiki pages www > Mottie/Github-userscripts/github-code-folding
GitHub Code Folding v1.1.2
A userscript that adds code folding to GitHub files www > jesus2099/INSTALL_USER_SCRIPT
INSTALL USER SCRIPT v2021.2.2,, Convenient direct β€œraw” download links (leftmost file icon) to β€œInstall” user scripts and user styles from file lists. This will also allow user css/js auto‐update, even if the script author has not set @downloadURL and @updateURL. www > Mottie/GitHub-userscripts/github-copy-code-snippet
GitHub Copy Code Snippet v0.3.7
A userscript adds a copy to clipboard button on hover of markdown code snippets www > StylishThemes/GitHub-Dark-Script/github-dark-script
GitHub Dark Script v2.5.9
GitHub Dark in userscript form, with a settings panel