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A floating table of content widget www > 411834
download github sub-folder via one click, copy the single file's source code easily www > 387834
Github,code cloud project add directory sidebar navigation,Floating button www > 402301
FastGit v0.8
GitHub Clone or download、Releases 下载加速 www > 415947
Github 加速 clone www > 417038
Provide directory navigation of the markdown file content of the github website. www > derjanb/5592ff3b7cdc4feabba5
Tampermonkey translation support www > 398004
GitHub Menu v1.2.1
Add more menu items on the header of GitHub to quickly reach the page you want. www > 392651
Tweak the icon of GitHub's website into white color & transparent background for better contrast on dark tab backgrounds etc. , especially for dark-themed browser. White, dark and black colors as well as white, dark, black and transparent backgrounds are all predifined in case of you need to modify them. Require SVG icon support. www > 415856
bc-SmartTOC v0.1
TOC can be generated for github、、 and other sites