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Add a green button to download zoom recorded video. www > 419950
Bot that manages stack for meetings. Active if your name is "Comrade" when you join. www > YuenHoilong/Zoom-Recording-Downloader/ZRD


Download Zoom recordings from Canvas! www > 404334
5/29/2020, 3:54:07 PM www > jM1pOpJhre-mJaMOFOMt/zoom


Zoom script www > 399798
Always show the web client link on meeting join pages, even if the host has asked Zoom to hide it by default. www > 407903

Close Zoom Tabs!

make you not have to click the button to close like 100 zoom tabs that get opened every day! www > 412034
Add hotkeys for prerecorded zoom videos www > 408230
By detecting how many others are raising their hand, if exceed the threshold you set, then the program will automatically raise your hands. www > 419904

Close Zoom Tabs

Close the tabs Zoom spawns

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