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Script gives Wikipedia pages a dark color theme www > wikiwho/WhoColor/userscript/whocolor
Displays authorship information on wikipedia. www > 409168
Block the donation prompts! www > 418671
Constrains Wikipedia articles to 40em in width for easier reading. www > 15930
An userscript helping you get the url linking to specified section www > 10731
Rearranges the "other languages" section of Wikipedia www > 12423
Adds relevant YouTube videos to Wikipedia and Wikiwand. www > 13400
This script is an easy way to try out and view Wikiwand which displays a clean and modernized version of Wikipedia. www > 13858
Show metacritic metascore and user ratings on: Bandcamp, Apple Itunes (Music), Amazon (Music,Movies,TV Shows), IMDb (Movies), Google Play (Music, Movies),, Steam, Gamespot (PS4, XONE, PC), Rotten Tomatoes, Serienjunkies, BoxOfficeMojo,,, Wikipedia (en),, letterboxd, TVmaze, TVGuide,,, ConsequenceOfSound, Pitchfork,, TVnfo, www > 1576
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