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Redirect specified URLs to after a delay www > wikiwho/WhoColor/userscript/whocolor
Displays authorship information on wikipedia. www > 458501
This script appends ?useskin=vector to any Wikipedia Wiki page you visit. This returns the site to its old default desktop layout before the 2023 redesign. www > 386219
Show Letterboxd rating on,,, BoxOfficeMojo, Amazon, Google Play,, Wikipedia,,,,, www > 7902
Focus the searchboxes of sites like wikipedia and amazon when visiting a site so you dont have to click it www > 458494
Redirects Wikipedia to use the good (pre-2023) skin. www > 13858
Show metacritic metascore and user ratings on: Bandcamp, Apple Itunes (Music), Amazon (Music,Movies,TV Shows), IMDb (Movies), Google Play (Music, Movies), Steam, Gamespot (PS4, XONE, PC), Rotten Tomatoes, Serienjunkies, BoxOfficeMojo,,, Wikipedia (en),, letterboxd, TVmaze, TVGuide,,, ConsequenceOfSound, Pitchfork,, TVnfo,, GOG, Epic Games Store,, www > 35443
Show Rotten Tomatoes score on,,, BoxOfficeMojo,, Amazon, Google Play,, Wikipedia,,,,,,,,, www > 10731
Rearranges the "other languages" section of Wikipedia www > 12423
Adds relevant YouTube videos to Wikipedia and Wikiwand.

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