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Search results www > wikiwho/WhoColor/userscript/whocolor
Displays authorship information on wikipedia. www > 376885
Redirect Wikipedia to Wikiwand for a modern browsing experience. www > navchandar/Clean_Wikipedia

Clean Wikipedia

Remove citations and links and make it easy to copy paste content www > 382833
Script gives Wikipedia pages a dark color theme www > 397740
Click to copy equation in Wikipedia and Zhihu www > 13400
This script is an easy way to try out and view Wikiwand which displays a clean and modernized version of Wikipedia. www > 23047
A fork/expansion of the user script "Wikipedia 2 Wikiwand" <> to make the script applicable to most languages of Wikipedia (hopefully). Trying to do the similar thing to official browser addon/extentions of Wikiwand, an elegant and nicer frontend of Wikipedia. www > 372
Provides a better tooltip for a link to a Wikipedia page about an acronym www > 401345
Redirect Mobile Wikipedia to Desktop Wikipedia www > 10731
Rearranges the "other languages" section of Wikipedia

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