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Dark-WhatsApp by Vednoc

Complete, dark and light, very customizable userstyle for WhatsApp. In very active development on GitHub, check the page to get involved. www > 432199
9/10/2021, 1:25:20 PM www > 28218
Translator for Whatsapp web www > 23774
Whatsapp web media slide show! www > 371606
WhatsApp Web Messages Website Dark Theme Night Mode Simple www > 377615
Inserts flag images in front of phone numbers not saved as contact. www > 381135
Hides messages from people you don't like on whatsapp. www > 416333
Creates A Toggle Button Switch Which Hides And Shows The WhatsApp Contacts And Messages For Privacy (Also ESC Key can be used) www > Neurrone/greasemonkey-scripts/whatsApp Web a11y fixes
Improves the accessibility of WhatsApp Web. www > ansiwen/userscripts/whatsappoffline


Disable WhatsApp online and message-read status

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