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Spam people with this beautiful WhatsApp Web spammer. www > 38527
Adds a button to repeatedly send the same message in a certain interval. www > 17410
Notifies you when a user comes online. This script will only work if have a tab open and navigated to and have selected a person. The next time this person comes online you should hear a bleeb. *Bleeb*! www > 20662
Made by Macr1408 (Also known as Razor1408) for www > 20990
A chat bot for WhatsApp Web, with some basic commands. Check console for log. www > 23774
Whatsapp web media slide show! www > 28218
Translator for Whatsapp web www > 28406
Tools to hide contact names and pictures of Whatsapp Web. www > 29884
Change WhatsApp Web Chat Background www > 32892

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Whatsapp web media slide show!

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