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Enable hotkeys for HTML5 playback: video screenshot; enable/disable picture-in-picture; copy cached video; send any video to full screen or browser window size; fast forward, rewind, pause/play, volume, skip to next video, skip to previous or next frame, set playback speed. Video sites supported: YouTube, TED, Youku,, bilibili, ixigua, iQiyi, support mainstream video sites in mainland China; Live broadcasts: Twitch,,, Custom sites can be added www > ilyhalight/voice-over-translation/dist/vot
A small extension that adds a Yandex Browser video translation to other browsers www > ilyhalight/voice-over-translation/dist/vot-cloudflare
A small extension that adds a Yandex Browser video translation to other browsers www > 430877
Download images and videos from new version weibo UI webpage. www > 38614

Vk Media Downloader

Download music, video from (Vkontakte) without any external service www > coolhii/B站哔哩哔哩使用增强,全网VIP视频免费破解去广告,知乎使用增强,短视频无水印下载,油管、Facebook等国外视频解析下载等
🔥The search engine function is enhanced, Baidu adds URL display, Google results new tab page turns on the light, and the navigation can customize the URL [Script is maintained and updated for a long time, completely free, no ads, only for learning and exchange! ! 】 www > razorwax/Recurbate_download

Recurbate download

Adds a download button for each video on www > 34885
Allows you to download subtitles from Amazon Video www > 420475
A configurable script that automatically skips recaps, intros, credits, and ads, and clicks "next episode" prompts on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Starz, Disney+, and Hotstar. Customizable hotkey to pause/resume the auto-skipping functionality. Alt + N for settings. www > 439879
Copies the source URL of the currently playing video in various streaming sites to clipboard, opens it in a new tab, or provides a safe-to-share link.

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