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Auto Aim To Enemies With Pressing C Key www > 29286 Aimbot

Aim at the closest player by pressing Shift. www > 20480

triple (

Oh baby a triple (triple kill sound effect). www > 20538
announces vertix kill combos in chat www > 21634
SpaceBar to shoot/Hold for full clip www > 21637
Increases Size and view of map,Show's Camos, Right click secondary(buffed), Accurate Aim cursor, +zoom using [tab] and [`], aimbot('shift'=on,'t'=off), 'x' to fill chat, Autojump(press 'z' to start), press '\' to max name space www > 23096
Disables devTest to enable production mode and allow connectivity to www > 23521

Vertix Enemy map

Enemy map, updated to bypass patch www > 24141

Vertix Real Name

Shows the real name of logged in users www > 25873
Shows the selected camo, and a preview of the camo.

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