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Twitter Media Downloader

Save Video/Photo by One-Click. www > Bl4Cc4t/GoodTwitter2/twitter.gt2eb
A try to make Twitter look good again. www > 387969
Enhance the Twitter user experience by loading images in their original quality and removing ads and spam tweets. www > 471572

X to Twitter

Get our Twitter back from Elon. www > 404515

Twitter: Download Video

One button click to direct video download web page. www > 471782

Twitter X -> Blue Bird

Replace Twitter's X logo with Blue Bird www > 471595

Get Twitter Icons Back

Brings back the blue bird icon on Twitter. No more ๐•. www > 471677
Twitter's bluebird is better than ๐• www > 471593

Twitter icon

็ฝฎๆ›ๆŽจ็‰นICON www > angeld23/b01dd2ef14cd53fc3735fa88f68b7aef
Removes the "Get Verified" box on the Home page and the "Verified" button on the sidebar

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