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Search results www > pixeltris/TwitchAdSolutions/video-swap-new/video-swap-new
Multiple solutions for blocking Twitch ads (video-swap-new) www > pixeltris/TwitchAdSolutions/vaft/vaft
Multiple solutions for blocking Twitch ads (vaft) www > 419066

Twitch Ad-Blocker-2

Disables embedded ads in streams on www > 416024


Bezos is already too rich;i didn't make this www > 395497
Removes the nagging login popups and banners from mobile and desktop versions of Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora,, VK, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitch and from the mobile versions of Youtube and TikTok. www > 383093
Disables the automatic downscaling of Twitch streams while tabbed away www > nomomo/Twitch-Auto-Max-Quality
Always start playing live video with source quality on www > 420346

Auto Claim Twitch drop

Auto clicking "Click to claim a drop" under the chat www > 425139

Twitch Ad Fix

Buy me a coffee at: www > 416411

Twitch Adblock

[DEPRECATED] Please use instead

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