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Search results www > pixeltris/TwitchAdSolutions/notify-strip/notify-strip
Multiple solutions for blocking Twitch ads (notify-strip) www > 419066

Twitch Ad-Blocker-2

Disables embedded ads in streams on www > 420346

Auto Claim Twitch drop

Auto clicking "Click to claim a drop" under the chat www > 420212
Unblocks Twitch VODs. Buy me a coffee at: www > 392348
Automatically claim channel points. www > 438632
Auto clicking "claim" near the chat really www > nomomo/Twitch-Auto-Max-Quality
Always start playing live video with source quality on www > 439734
This script will check for the updates on the invertory page and claim rewards when received. www > 375467

Enhance twitch

Auto click claim bonus (channel points and moments), Show images/video in chat, always source quality, hide offline channels and more www > 416024


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