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Search results www > MoRGaNA/Travian_wave_builder_[MoRGaNA]
Wave builder for Travian Legends - Mani - IR www > hany_mamdoh/Travian_Resource_bar_plus_for_ancient_cities_servers
Shows travian resources---modified to support t4.4 ancient cites servers www > 348346
Shows travian resources www > 76663

Travian Tactics

Builds, farm, trade, train troops, party, armor upgrade, crop/farm finder in travian. Multilanguage support. ALL FEATURES now work on T3, T4 and T4.2! www > 98310

Travian4 Beyond - SSE

A lot of interface enhancements and tools for Travian 4.X. www > 14774
Simple script that moves the Mark As Read and the Delete buttons on the reports page to the top of the list. www > 2202
make waves for travian4 and travian 3.6 (classic) www > 31472
Hightlight reports with more than 1000 potential resources www > 367709
Automatically saves reports locally on browser when you open them and exports as CSV for analysis in excel etc. currently supports raids, and scouting(resources and troops) www > 370049
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