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Search results www > 378166
Auto switch Chinese/English www > shuuji3/Google_translate_report_error_-_automatically_select_your_language_code
Automatically select the specified language code. www > KeyWeeUsr/Nighty-night_Google_Translate
Translate at night comfortably! www > greatghoul/Google_Translate_Plus
Bookmark your frequently used languages. www > 374339
auto remove line break for google translate(replaced with space) www > 391309
谷歌翻译 粘贴 去除 换行 Google translate paste remove delete line break new line www > 398025
Remove an element of Google Translate to make the visual effect better when the forced night mode feature is turned on. www > Taraflex/Back2stackoverflow/back2stackoverflow


Redirect to from machine-translated sites www > 391378
Dark theme for Google Translate www > 399503
Force setting Traditional Chinese as the target language, reject Simplified Chinese

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