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Search results www > 378166
Auto switch Chinese/English www > 35072
Replace the translated string. Github: Star and fork is welcome. www > 374339
auto remove line break for google translate(replaced with space) www > 29379
Allows you to use cursive in Google Translate while using Russian www > 33425

Google Translate static toolbar

This script moves Google Translate output's toolbar (with the buttons to Copy, Listen, Share etc.) to the top. Thanks to that, the toolbar position is static regardless of translation output. Useful for some things, like mouse-pos macros. www > 369174
Makes tab a hotkey to swap languages. www > 386949
A bunch of styles to display a more compact Google Translate page. www > 391309
谷歌翻译 粘贴 去除 换行 Google translate paste remove delete line break new line www > 391378
Dark theme for Google Translate www > 398025
Remove an element of Google Translate to make the visual effect better when the forced night mode feature is turned on.

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