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Search results www > 391936
Adds a download button to pages. Click a video, the icon is added by the social media share buttons. Right click the icon, and save as. Left click takes you to the video in your browser. www > 399839

Tiktok DL

Download all tiktok videos that have their previews loaded www > 402126
Adds video controls to TikTok videos and reduces volume to 25%. Works on details page and feeds. www > 416422

Dark Tiktok | CSS

Dark css for tiktok desktop version. www > 400793
Web player controls and volume reduction to 15% www > 406936 auto like, subscribe www > 375074
Stop your ears from getting blown out by every tiktok video www > 391122


v1.0.3 video downloader www > evan3334/c66095859ad94642c3588351b21e207e
Adds download links for videos, even on private accounts. www > scavet64/TikTokVolumeSlider
A userscript that adds a simple volume slider to the desktop tiktok site to prevent your ears from being destroyed. The volume is stored in local storage so it is remembered between sessions. Also adds video controls to skip stuff

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