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Adds a download button to pages. Click a video, the icon is added by the social media share buttons. Right click the icon, and save as. Left click takes you to the video in your browser. www > 431826
Download TikTok Videos easily www > 428848
Every time you navigate to websites such as Reddit, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook you will get a full-face splash saying "Are you sure you want to waste your time here?". Just click on it once to hide it. A nice mental reminder without adding strict time limits. www > 399839

Tiktok DL

Download all tiktok videos that have their previews loaded www > 402126
Adds video controls to TikTok videos and reduces volume to 25%. Works on details page and feeds. www > 416422

Dark Tiktok | CSS

Dark css for tiktok desktop version. www > 375074
Stop your ears from getting blown out by every tiktok video www > 391122


v1.0.3 video downloader www > 400793
Web player controls and volume reduction to 15% www > 406936 auto like, subscribe

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