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Support: Google(blogspot YouTube)\Tumblr\Twitter\Steam(Only user content)\ArtStation\Pinimg\Weibo\Reddit (And more... www > Nuklon/Steam-Economy-Enhancer/code
Enhances the Steam Inventory and Steam Market. www > 449046
Downloads Steam Workshop items using www > Mr-VIT/SteamWebTools/

Steam Web Tools

Useful tools in Steam web sites www > 461981
Auto claim sticker rewards in various steam sales (if any) www > 481139
Simply adds a pirate link to all games on the Steam store www > 479267
Downloads Steam Workshop items that really works, replacing the deprecated or free space left from www > 474457
Adds an extra button to download, supports collections and new workshop layout www > 4290
Adds an extra button to download www > juliarose/steam-trade-offer-enhancer/
Browser script to enhance Steam trade offers.

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