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Search results www > 2312
Support: Google(blogspot YouTube)\Tumblr\Twitter\Steam(Only user content)\ArtStation\Pinimg\Weibo\Reddit (And more... www > 458567
Downloads steam workshop collections and items from / www > Nuklon/Steam-Economy-Enhancer/code
Enhances the Steam Inventory and Steam Market. www > 449046
Downloads Steam Workshop items using www > Mr-VIT/SteamWebTools/

Steam Web Tools

Useful tools in Steam web sites www > 461981
Auto claim sticker rewards in various steam sales (if any) www > 4290
Adds an extra button to download www > PotcFdk/SteamDiscoveryQueueAutoSkipper
Auto-clicks the "Next in Queue" button in Steam Discovery Queues. www > 432190


Add to cart without redirect to cart page, also provide import/export cart feature. www > 36393
(Steam Auto Mass Craft Trading Cards Badges in Bulk) It will automatically use up your gamecard sets for crafting badges. You can control the which card sets and how many sets to craft by using it.

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