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Spotify Genius Lyrics

Shows lyrics from on the Spotify web player www > 36788
Adds an entry in the context menu that copies the selected song name and artist to the clipboard www > 426788
Detects and skips ads on spotify www > 14035
Play music on the browser without having to install Flash Player. Yes, I know why SWF bridges exist. www > 382828
Copy playlist info for export www > 413656
Spotify ADs Blocker Tools & Sound ADs www > 375100
Allows the left and right keyboard arrows to be used to go to the previous and next songs on Spotify. www > monolit/Skip-ads-on-Spotify/skip_ad
In conjunction with uBlock Origin, which can block ads on Spotify but stops the music, this essentially hits play to continue uninterrupted. www > 13885
Adds silent song notifications with title, artist and cover art www > 31363
Sorts Spotify Web Player playlists by track name.

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