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Downloads Spotify songs, playlists, and albums as 320kbps MP3. Can also download full playlist or album as ZIP. www > 377439

Spotify Genius Lyrics

Shows lyrics from on the Spotify web player www > 29751
control open spotify with the keyboard www > 36788
Adds an entry in the context menu that copies the selected song name and artist to the clipboard www > 14035
Play music on the browser without having to install Flash Player. Yes, I know why SWF bridges exist. www > 453681
Run Open Spotify on mobile! www > 375021
print song names of spotify's playlist. www > 383044
Show desktop notifications whenever the track changes www > 402152
Adds the ability to toggle the main sidebar on Spotify Web using a keyboard shortcut (ctrl + alt + B), original code from www > 452921


SpotOn is a complete overhaul of Spotify Web Player's design that includes a customisable new font, a bolded/more prominent menu bar, a redesigned hidden Now Playing Bar a blurred backdrop and so much more (read the GitHub)

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