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Spotify Genius Lyrics

Shows lyrics from on the Spotify web player www > 413656
Spotify ADs Blocker Tools & Sound ADs www > 426788
Detects and skips ads on spotify www > 428859
Spotify custom web-player: lyrics, premium,.. www > 376669
Right click > Download. Requires the protocol handler 'spotdl'. www > 4638

Swyter Tweaks for Spotify

Mutes the audio ads on, while they are still being played, so *everyone* is happy. www > mfluehr/Mute_Spotify_Ads

Mute Spotify Ads

Mute advertisements on Spotify. www > monolit/Skip-ads-on-Spotify/skip_ad
In conjunction with uBlock Origin, which can block ads on Spotify but stops the music, this essentially hits play to continue uninterrupted. www > cuzi/Spotify_Genius_Lyrics

Spotify Genius Lyrics

Shows lyrics from on the Spotify web player www > 38920
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