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Download SoundCloud without external service. www > KawaiZombi/kawai-scriptssoundcloud-downloader
Adds the ability to download any track or playlist from www > webketje/Soundcloud_Downloader_Clean
An ad-less, multilingual, clean Soundcloud downloader with robust code. Adds a 'Download' button in the toolbar of all single track views. www > zachhardesty7/Soundcloud_-_Add_External_Download_Button
adds a button on main page and song page to download song automatically from www > 19650

SoundCloud Downloader

Adds a direct download button to all the tracks on SoundCloud (works with the new SoundCloud interface) www > 14591
Allows you to download album art on the Soundcloud website. www > 412108
A Script that adds a Download button to SoundCloud www > 410167
Adds the ability to download any track or playlist from www > demaisj/soundcloud-rp

Soundcloud Rich Presence

Adds Discord Rich Presence support to Soundcloud. A server is needed to run in background in order for the system to work. www > 393088
Adds a shuffle play button to "Likes" and playlists

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