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Auto-fill nicknames into .io games! Supports,,,,,,,,,, and www > 429972
Goes into's console to guess possible outputs, and puts them in chat. www > 407408

Skribbl Assistant

Fetches the wordlist and displays clickable hints based on the current word's pattern. www > 371135

v0.1.1 improvements www > 374584 Helper

Learns the wordlist each round and outputs possible words in chat. www > 38192

skribblio ignore

Used to block users in www > Vukky123/userscripts/skribbl/skribbldonttypemore
Don't type more than the actual length of the word + 1! Run "vukkyDontTypeMoreOn = false" in console to quickly disable it - "vukkyDontTypeMoreOn = true" to turn back on. www > 369660
Adds a handy color wheel on holding down right-click, the option to mute and remove all messages issued by a specific player, a screenshot button with a toggle hotkey (~), as well as a checkbox to automatically save (download) and rename every drawing of a session. www > 38197
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better than other skribbl hax

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