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Auto-fill nicknames into .io games! Supports,,,,,,,,,, and www > 429972
Goes into's console to guess possible outputs, and puts them in chat. www > 407408

Skribbl Assistant

Fetches the wordlist and displays clickable hints based on the current word's pattern. www > 374584 Helper

Learns the wordlist each round and outputs possible words in chat. www > 385854
:-) www > 382153
better than other skribbl hax www > 400289 Helper

Retrieves the wordlist and outputs possible words in chat. Based off of n0thing's Helper. www > 38197
Google Search for www > 410108
Hold shift to enable line drawing, press Space to snap to right angles www > 410878
Tablet pressure support, press Z to undo, Sandbox mode with unlimited drawing time.

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