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Removes the nagging login popups and banners from mobile and desktop versions of Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora,, VK, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitch and from the mobile versions of Youtube and TikTok. www > 407466
Creates the option next to edited and deleted Reddit comments/posts to show the original comment from before it was edited www > 382572
Hide Reddit's promoted links so they don't bother you. www > 408925
Adds button to direct link or download the stupidly hard to save or share directly reddit videos. Designed to work on new Reddit only. Buttons appear when viewing the specific post -- does not work on preview/expand on post listing pages. www > 40897
Converts links to links www > 44669
Always redirects to old-Reddit, avoiding Reddit's redesign. www > 404497

Reddit Fix

Fix of the infinite scroll, see full image actually shows the full image, html5 video player, remove background effects, copy video adress www > 446806
Parses the mpd file sent to reddit's video player and removes all but the highest resolution representations for each video period www > felixire/Reddit-Downloader/reddit

Reddit Downloader

Download your saved posts or directly posts from your feed with support for Direct links (png, jpg, gif, mp4...), (Gypcat kinda), Redgify, Imgur (Only when supplied with an API key) www > 432718
Fixes issues with reddit image previews. Specifically, clicking image preview now links directly to image (instead of thread) and fits height of image previews in carousel so they don't get clipped out.

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