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This Script will Block All Popups Sites in the Lists , and Auto Solving Google reCAPTCHA www > 439388
Auto clicks the recaptcha checkbox www > origamiofficial/2557dd47fb0aaf08e3c298a236bfa14d
Recaptcha Solver in Browser | Automatically solves Recaptcha in browser www > 31088


Speeds up solving Google reCAPTCHA challenges by shortening transition effects and providing continuous selection ability. www > 381868

ReCaptcha Automatizer

Passes ReCaptcha automatically as long as no suspicious traffic was registered. www > 376404
Clicks on the button www > 399813
Prepare for the amageddon!! www > 27481
This script is not resolver, only can click. www > 397939
This script clicks the recaptcha checkbox, takes maximum bonuses from the top down working around the lottery restrictions. www > 422894
This script clicks the recaptcha checkbox and checks if captcha has been solved and Freeroll

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