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Removes the nagging login popups and banners from mobile and desktop versions of Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora,, VK, Pinterest, Tumblr and from the mobile version of Youtube. www > 30839

Pinterest Plus

Show full size + working middle click to open new tab + open original image. www > inDream/DownAlbum


Download Facebook (Album & Video), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album. www > 382612
Allows to browse Pinterest without login/registration, removing the offending modal popup www > 21468
Browse Pinterest without registration. Also remove the cookies banner. www > 370410
Open the original (largest) image in a new tab by pressing 'z' while hovering over a pin www > 418205
Remove promoted pins on Pinterest www > Lazza/Pinterest_without_registration
Browse Pinterest without login/registration www > RyanGittins/Pinterest_Nag_Killer
Removes the large 'Join Pinterest' bar shown to visitors. www > zastrowm/tampermonkey/pinterest-pin-redirect
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