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Shows IP, Suspected Proxy Status, Service Provider, and Location in chat window, auto-skips bots, and removes omegle watermark from stranger's video www > 410842

Omegle IP

You see the IP in the chat window www > 453432
Make a group of strangers in Omegle chat with each other www > 432580


Makes omegle better. www > 440464

Omegle Grabber

Get IP addresses on multiple video chat sites www > 164415

trollegle colored dark theme

a dark theme for omegle that works with www > omegleuser/Omegle_-_Hide_Other_Persons_Webcam_Temporarily
It automatically hides the other person's webcam from the start to prevent you from seeing anything bad and you can either click a button (or resize the cover) in order to gradually display their webcam again at any time once you know it is safe. It now also organises the screen space better so the webcams appear larger. Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl instantly hides the other person's webcam, while the Down/Up arrow keys reveal or hide their webcam step by step. www > omegleuser/Omegle_-_One-click_Text_Buttons
Adds buttons to the Omegle screen that if you click them will put text into the chat window. Now also supports pressing the numpad to send the text buttons (from right to left, 0 to 5), and pressing Space stops the auto-reroll www > 14954
Script for omegle with automated features. www > 22858
Make a group of strangers in Omegle chat with each other

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