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Search results www > diceroll123/NeoSearchHelper/searchhelper
Adds convenient search icons to many places www > 479268

Neopets - Daily Quest Helper

Adds a link to daily quests if available www > lucca180/itemdb/userscripts/itemDataExtractor
Feeds with neopets item data www > 477800
Comma seperates numbers in the auctions in a readable format www > etryn/Pet-Protector/PetProtector

Pet Protector

Protects your Neopets by hiding them at the Lab Ray, Rainbow Fountain, etc. www > friendly-trenchcoat/Pet-Sidebar-Module/petmodule
Customizable module displaying any number of pets for any number of accounts. Each pet has a navbar and stats info in menus which slide out on hover. www > Mettymagic/np-userscripts/Neopets - Battledome Set Selector
Adds a toolbar to define and select up to 5 different loadouts. can default 1 loadout to start as selected. Also adds other QoL battledome features, such as disabling battle animations and auto-selecting 1P opponent. www > richardscoot/neo/neopets-user-shortcut
Adds some useful icons to the neoboards/trading post/neomessages www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Price_Checker/112692
Puts a link near to the item name in many places. www > 10196
Notifies you when you enter a "bad" word on the neoboards.

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