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Pet Protector

Protects your Neopets by hiding them at the Lab Ray, Rainbow Fountain, etc. www > 10196
Notifies you when you enter a "bad" word on the neoboards. www > 7756
V 1.05 - Provides many fixes and needed additions to the Neopets games and gameroom. www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Lunar_Temple/28359
Selects the correct image to Lunar Temple www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Daily_Puzzle/28365
Selects the correct option to Daily Puzzle www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Medieval_Kings/28356
Selects random options to Medieval Kings www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Meteors_of_Kreludor/28362
Selects the correct option to Meteors of Kreludor www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Price_Checker/112692
Puts a link near to the item name in many places. www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Underwater_Fishing/34126
Reels in your line for all your pets www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Mysterious_Symol_Hole/28363
Plays Mysterious Symol Hole

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