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Search results www > rawxbee/neoboard-enhancement-suite/enhanced-neoboard-smilies
Adds the entire smilie library to the smilie section of the neoboards. Embeds image links from images.neopets, pets.neopets and upload.neopets as images within replies, a search bar is available to find images. www > rawxbee/neoboard-enhancement-suite/enhanced-neoboard-actions
Adds buttons to each post that allows you to respond to the specific user, mail the specific user, view the specific user's auctions/trades/shop and refresh the thread. The script will also auto-select your last used pen. www > rawxbee/neoboard-enhancement-suite/neoboard-bookmarks
Bookmarks for threads and boards. Look for the settings gear in the buffer to edit colors. www > rawxbee/neoboard-enhancement-suite/neoboard-follow-users
Follow users (highlight posts, underline boards); block users (hide posts, boards). Customize using settings gear! www > 419395
Click the Premium icon to display your bankroll stats www > etryn/Pet-Protector/PetProtector

Pet Protector

Protects your Neopets by hiding them at the Lab Ray, Rainbow Fountain, etc. www > simon-huang/NeoScripts/battledomeWinnings
Keeps a count of the items and Neopoints you've won today www > 393057
Neopets autohaggler www > 419773
Life is full of pain and sadness www > simon-huang/NeoScripts/stockTools
Sort your portfolio by price, and sell stocks without typing

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