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Pet Protector

Protects your Neopets by hiding them at the Lab Ray, Rainbow Fountain, etc. www > diceroll123/NeoSearchHelper/searchhelper
Adds convenient search icons to many places www > 449538
Automatically label NC items with OWLS value. www > juvian/a50bc06aad0f7f5910f950003feee1f8
Fixes ruffle in order to be able to send scores www > xmilo-ck/ck-userscripts/np-restock-helper
Neopets (beta) semi-legit restock helper www > 371767
Emulates the functionality of the Premium bankroll feature from the bottom bar. www > rawxbee/neoboard-enhancement-suite/enhanced-neoboard-actions
Adds buttons to each post that allows you to respond to the specific user, mail the specific user, view the specific user's auctions/trades/shop and refresh the thread. The script will also auto-select your last used pen. www > rawxbee/neoboard-enhancement-suite/enhanced-neoboard-smilies
Adds the entire smilie library to the smilie section of the neoboards. Embeds image links from images.neopets, pets.neopets and upload.neopets as images within replies, a search bar is available to find images. www > w35l3y/userscripts/scripts/Neopets_Avatars_Flash_Games_[BETA]/127882
Displays Avatars Flash Games and lets us to send score automatically www > 26171
Autobuys 20 random lottery ticket links on neopets

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