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Collects panda's for you at a certain cycle instead of timers. Lot of organizing of panda's and grouping them together to start and stop them at once. www > 36368

HIT Forker

Monitors for HITs www > 18991
Brings many enhancements to the MTurk Worker Dashboard. www > 20380
A script add on for Panda Crazy sending commands to main script. www > 23239
A script add on for Panda Crazy for displaying queue and sorting queue after submitting hits. www > 10615
Snag HITs. mturk. www > 24464
A userscript for watching requesters on the mturk platform. www > 24650
Keybinds to select radios www > 2586
Alerts when a captcha is encountered. www > 27685
Hotkeys for Amazon's A9 Data Validation HITs on MTurk

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