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Instant downloading of Minecraft CurseForge mods. www > TrevTV/instantcfdownload/CurseForge Instant Install
Instant downloading of Minecraft CurseForge mods. www > 394179
Simply appends '/file' to of every Minecraft Curseforge download link. www > 411904
Script for webpage and MC Curse modpacks (file page like<modpack_name>/files/<file_id>) www > 422985
干掉modal-open的overflow: hidden www > 5602
Automatically hides gift codes and adds button to toggle visibility. www > 389541
Great minecraft hosting, but it has adblocker detection, this script automatically destroy antiadblock windows. I would prefer to show a donate button instead of forcing Ads. Script tested with Tapermonkey, Chrome 76. www > 31712
Public :) Extension www > TheAlienDrew/Tampermonkey-Scripts/Multiplayer Piano/MPP-Minecraft-Music-Bot

Minecraft Music Bot

Plays Minecraft music! www > 471427

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