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Search results www > cooljingle/memrise-audio-provider/Memrise_Audio_Provider
Provides audio for any items you are learning which have none. www > cooljingle/memrise-all-multiple-choice/Memrise_All_Multiple_Choice
All multiple choice when doing Memrise typing courses www > cooljingle/memrise-auto-learn/Memrise_Auto_Learn

Memrise Auto Learn

Fast-track the growth level of words you are planting www > cooljingle/memrise-all-typing/Memrise_All_Typing

Memrise All Typing

All typing / no multiple choice when doing Memrise typing courses www > 19157
Memrise extend use of www > 20802

Memrise Hack

Disables the Timer on www > 24692

Memrise "Hack"

Personal use for the Memrise course completion bar. www > 31443

Memrise Term Editor

Allow editing words without being a course owner. www > 396454
Select the right answer by simply clicking Number key www > 6305
Adds a column to the Memrise level/database editor with buttons to check for Forvo audio

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