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Search results www > 397876
Bypass import limit on Mega Web client & remove warning about the space usage www > 391977
Disables the Anti-AdBlock script on www > 391557
Automatically start the download on after the download button is visible. can be used to download many files at once with opening all the windows and waiting. www > 422770
Skip ADB Check www > 14943
Because MEGAsync sucks amirite? www > 16924
switches the download buttons and colors the inline button red www > 32953

ShadeRoot Mega

Eye-friendly magic in your browser for Mega www > 398407
Megafon script www > rEtSaMfF/e258bdcf37ba7f42804b35e06714ac95


Fix stuff www > 17599
Removes upper block with an offer to disable AdBlock on, and

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