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LinkedIn Learning 字幕中文翻译脚本 www > 24301
Allows to download learning videos you see on LinkedIn. Must be logged in. www > 3005
Preview profile images on LinkedIn www > 31736
Hides the fake email-only contact cards to "Invite" which are mixed in with real profiles you can "Connect" to for - My Network - "People You May Know". NOTE: If you don't see more contacts loading at the end, you need to zoom or resize window so that you can scroll downwards to trigger it the first time. By Dan Moorehead (, PowerAccess™ Framework for MS Access ( and Visual3D Game Engine founder. www > 387789
Random profile opening for LinkedIn search www > 395219
Make it easier to review and manage job search results, with faster keyboard shortcuts, read post tracking, and blacklists for companies and jobs www > 18695


Cleans the tracking stuff from LinkedIn URLs. www > 22948
Redirects all pages under a domain+subdomains (currently LinkedIn) to Google Cache. Not really tested. Will break LinkedIn. Probably don't install. www > 28565
One-click add all LinkedIn "Recommended for you" people in the My Network page www > 31771
Automates & Extends LinkedIn with 1) Connect to all contacts (and optionally open in tab when can't), 2) Skip Add Note prompt, 3) Expand all Profile Sections (for easier searching), 4) Show visited contact link colors. Features can be configured or disabled by editing top of script. | By Dan Moorehead (, PowerAccess™ for Microsoft Access & PowerSQL™ ( & Visual3D Game Engine founder (

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