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Khan Academy Bot

ur welcome cheater www > adubov1/khanacademy_bot/khanacademy_revealer

Khan Academy Bot

ur welcome cheater www > nh-99/KhanAcademy-Lesson-Hack/khan-answers

Khan Answers

Get all the answers to Khan Academy worksets www > 20993
Adds time duration labels near each lesson title www > 23141

Oh Yes!

Oh Yes! Oh Noes! The Error Buddy is now much less annoying on Khan Academy. www > 23213

KA Editor Tools

Modifications/fixes for the Ace Editor embedded in Khan Academys programming projects. www > 40115
Remembers the playback rate you set on Khan Academy's YouTube player and enforces it across lessons www > Bubba/Hint_Spoiler_(Khan_Academy)
Hides the "Hint" in coding challanges by default, and allows you to show it with the click of a button. www > 129726

Khan Academy Dark Pro

A dark theme that styles the Khan Academy website. Works for the latest version of Khan Academy.

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