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Search results www > IgorVodka/Velvica_Jira_Improvements
makes Jira better! www > SethSilverBeard/jira-awesomizer-defaults
Automatically fills in common JIRA values and allows you to override defaults www > 29233
Automatically expands the older comments accordion in JIRA so you see all comments by default. Workaround to jira.comment.collapsing.minimum.hidden. Aids in searching page. www > Bike24/jira-description-templates/dist/jira-description-templates
A tampermonkey/greasemonkey plugin for Jira www > 421996

JIRA to YouTrack

feature for simple fast transfer jira task to youtrack www > 397924
input 4 numbers and go to the issue directly www > 416336

Copy Jira ticket ID

Adds a button next to a Jira ticket ID to copy the ID to the clipboard www > 35773

Scrum Timer

Add a clock and timer to Jira to keep scrums short www > nemoinho/70a176e73e2cbf14315772cc4e618516

Jira Board Size

This script will enable resizing of the details on a board in jira. The script only runs in the latest versions of jira and only on domains which start with "jira." or on the atlassian-domain. www > aspiers/desktop-config/lib/browser/userscripts/redirect JIRA to prv
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