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Search results www > 20960
Makes the menu bar in JIRA issues stay at the top of the page when scrolling www > 21311
Force JIRA comments to be sorted in the order you prefer. www > 378997
disables jira click to edit feature www > 400374


Jira helper to preselect some fields when creating dialog is shown www > 411839
Show child issues inline without swimlanes in next-gen JIRA projects on grouping None www > 29233
Automatically expands the older comments accordion in JIRA so you see all comments by default. Workaround to jira.comment.collapsing.minimum.hidden. Aids in searching page. www > ink-ru/5ea560d74707b63a4765abf32234d7cb
Jira Server enhancements www > 416336

Copy Jira ticket ID

Adds a button next to a Jira ticket ID to copy the ID to the clipboard www > 29996
Overwrites the default behavior for Issue-Links which open in the sidebar by default www > 16478
Clicking a ticket id on a board opens the detailed ticket view in a new tab

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