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Search results www > IITC-CE/ingress-intel-total-conversion
Total conversion for the ingress intel map. www > IITC-CE/ingress-intel-total-conversion/plugins/draw-tools
Allow drawing things onto the current map so you may plan your next move. Supports Multi-Project-Extension. www > IITC-CE/ingress-intel-total-conversion/plugins/player-activity-tracker
Draw trails for the path a user took onto the map based on status messages in COMMs. Uses up to three hours of data. Does not request chat data on its own, even if that would be useful. www > IITC-CE/ingress-intel-total-conversion/plugins/regions
Show the regional scoring cells grid on the map www > ifchen0/IITC_TW/build/Release/plugins/portal-buttons

IITC plugin: Portal Buttons

Adds some buttons to show/hide portals on the map www > IITC-CE/ingress-intel-total-conversion/plugins/bookmarks
Save your favorite Maps and Portals and move the intel map with a click. Works with sync. Supports Multi-Project-Extension www > Hzllaga/IITC_TW/total-conversion-build
[Release-2018-06-17-164403] Total conversion for the ingress intel map. www > mike40033/iitc-57Cell/plugins/collocated-portals/collocated-portals

IITC plugin: Collocated Portals

Find collocated portals www > azrael-42/IITC-Drone-Helper/dronehelper
Display area drone can "see" from currently selected portal. Manually record if drone has visited portals www > IITC-CE/ingress-intel-total-conversion/plugins/portals-list
Display a sortable list of all visible portals with full details about the team, resonators, links, etc.

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