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IITC: Ingress intel map total conversion

[iitc-2017-01-08-021732] Total conversion for the ingress intel map. www > AlfonsoML/pogo-s2/s2check

Pogo Tools

Pokemon Go tools over IITC. News on www > ifchen0/IITC_TW/build/Release/plugins/portal-buttons

IITC plugin: Portal Buttons

Adds some buttons to show/hide portals on the map www > mike40033/iitc-57Cell/plugins/collocated-portals/collocated-portals

IITC plugin: Collocated Portals

Find collocated portals www > Hzllaga/IITC_TW/total-conversion-build
[Release-2018-06-17-164403] Total conversion for the ingress intel map. www > azrael-42/IITC-Drone-Helper/dronehelper
Display area drone can "see" from currently selected portal. Manually record if drone has visited portals www > Ayaro1/IITC-plugin-Decay-Calculator-Fan-Update/IITC-plugin-Decay-Calculator

IITC plugin: Decay Calculator

Estimate portal decay www > EisFrei/IngressLiveInventory/liveInventory
Show current ingame inventory www > NightHackzz/IITC-Plugin/basemap-gsi-cyber-japan

IITC plugin: GSI Cyber Japan map tiles

[NHZ-20171206.11] Add the native GSI Cyber Japan map tiles as an optional layer. www > azrael-42/IITC-Drone-View-Export/droneviewexport
Export drone views - allows user selection of visible cells

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