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1.bypass the redirect link at baidu\sogou\google\haosou; 2.remove ads at baidu; 3.add Favicon for each website; 4.render your own style; 5.counter; 6.Switch to handle all 7.Auto Pager www > 2312
Support: Google(G+ blogspot YouTube)\Tumblr\Twitter\Steam(Only user content)\ArtStation\Pinimg\Weibo (And more... www > 33005
Adds APK-DL, APKPure, APKCombo, APKPremier, APKMirror and Evozi download buttons to Google Play Store when browsing apps. www > 12909
Graceful search engine Switch assistant, more beautiful and more convenient. The new version adds anti-redirect function, custom search engine selection function, visual search parameter setting, and automatic update detection and other advanced functions. www > tumpio/Endless_Google

Endless Google

Load more results automatically and endlessly. www > 7543

Google Search Extra Buttons

Add buttons (past 1/2/3 days, weeks, PDF search etc.) for Google search page www > 1682
Block unwanted sites from your Google, DuckDuckGo,, Bing and Yahoo search results. v2.2.3 2022-05-02 www > 35521
Bypass paywalls for scientific documents by downloading them from sci-hub instead of paying something like 50 bucks for each paper. This script adds download buttons on Google Scholar, Scopus and Web Of Science, which lead to In this way you can get free access to scientific papers even if you (or your university) can't afford their prices. www > 395257

Better Google

Don't be evil::revert google search results to older style www > 403742
Tampermonkey keeps asking us to select an account when we open the browser. But this script by Jack'lul will do it for us!

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