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Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, 360 Search, Google Mirror, Sogou, B Station, F Search, DuckDuckgo, CSDN sidebar CHAT search, integrate domestic words, star fire, sky work, righteous AI, Chatglm, 360 wisdom, 360 wisdom brain. Experience AI immediately, no need to turn over the wall, no registration, no need to wait! www > 378166
Auto switch Chinese/English www > 14178
1.bypass the redirect link at baidu\sogou\google\haosou; 2.remove ads at baidu; 3.add Favicon for each website; 4.render your own style; 5.counter; 6.Switch to handle all 7.Auto Pager www > 478597

GoogleGPT ๐Ÿค–

Adds ChatGPT answers to Google Search sidebar www > 33005
Adds APK-DL, APKPure, APKCombo, APKPremier, APKMirror and Evozi download buttons to Google Play Store when browsing apps. www > 2312
Support: Google(blogspot YouTube)\Tumblr\Twitter\Steam(Only user content)\ArtStation\Pinimg\Weibo\Reddit (And more... www > 382039

Speed up Google Captcha

Makes Google Captcha works faster by removing slow visual transitions and unnecessary delays. www > 443491
Mark Baiduใ€Googleใ€Bing URL Shortest. www > 12909

Search Engine Assistant

"Elegant search engine assistant" facilitates users to jump between different search engines; supports custom commonly used search engines and search keyword highlighting effects; provides advanced functions such as removing search link redirection, blocking search results advertisements, etc.; it is compatible with well-known search engines such as Baidu, Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Yandex, Sogou, Ecosia, You, Startpage, Brave, etc. www > DarkSnakeGang/GoogleSnakeModLoader/build/snake-mod-loader-standard
Allows you to run multiple different google snake mods

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