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1.bypass the redirect link at baidu\sogou\google\haosou; 2.remove ads at baidu; 3.add Favicon for each website; 4.render your own style; 5.counter; 6.Switch to handle all 7.Auto Pager www > 2312
Support: Google(G+ blogspot YouTube)\Tumblr\Twitter\Steam(Only user content)\ArtStation\Pinimg\Weibo (And more... www > 33005
Adds APK-DL, APKPure, APKCombo, APKPremier, APKMirror and Evozi download buttons to Google Play Store when browsing apps. www > 12909

Google & baidu Switcher (ALL in One)

The search engine jump tools of Google, Baidu and Bing automatically update and detect the script by default. You can customize the Bing button and other search jump effect settings in the menu. www > 1682
Block unwanted sites from your Google, DuckDuckGo,, Bing and Yahoo search results. v2.2.3 2022-05-02 www > 421865

Google Meet Spam Bot

Spam any google meet with bots, chat spammer added!! www > 443491
Mark Baidu、Google、Bing URL Shortest. www > 401432
Displays image dimensions (eg. "1920 Γ— 1080") for each thumbnail on the Google Image Search results page. www > 401473
Supported search engines are 1. Baidu; 2. Sogou; 3. Google; 4. Bing. Compatible with "AC-baidu" script[Support custom background] [Support random background image] [Support background image classification] [Support shielding ads] [Support transparency adjustment] www > 378166
Auto switch Chinese/English

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