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Spam any google meet with bots, chat spam added!! www > amazonshubhamsdj/PhoneTool_Enhanced_-_Mini
Add Meeting request for managers with assistants, Google Map of Seattle Campus building locations, linkedin search links, and a visual job history widget. Also a new and improved stylesheet www > 406944
Change how you look on Google Meet. www > Al_Caughey/Google_Meet_Grid_View_Attendance
Builds upon Chris Gamble's Grid View script to register whether or not invitees actually joined the Meet www > 406914
A phosphor green filter to your webcam www > 419710
A phosphor green filter to your webcam www > 407347

Google Meet helper

disable video, Auto mute and auto join in that order. Also switches account (defaults to primary) www > 418194
Automatically admits Google Meet participants www > 422503
Executes code sent by bot when on google meets. www > victor141516/Google_Meets_h264ify
Force H.264 on Google Meets. This fixes the high CPU usage issue.

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