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Search results www > CuriousMidnight/BMSorter/GDriveVid4Synctubes
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > furyutei/DownloadPDFImagesFromGoogleDrive/src/js/content
Download ZIP format PDF images from Google Drive www > 31456
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > 10052
Direct link functionality for Google Drive www > 410127
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > 380394
Auto download files from Google Drive without preview. www > 369461
Script to add more width to Google Drive left column www > 371158
Google Drive Dark Night Mode Theme - currently undergoing build www > 374010
generate html code for all pictures in the folder www > 5467
Changes the "Docs home" button to link you to your Drive home instead. I find this to be very convenient now that Google's made Docs and Drive separate things again.

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