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Improved version of the old "Emails" quick search functionality in Gmail, one click to view all emails you've sent or received from any address www > 5551

SSL Certificates Pro

Forces some websites like wikipedia, gmail, twitter or facebook to use secure connections. www > lolo888/Gmail_remove_ads

Gmail remove ads

remove right ads www > vemalsar/Google_Expert_Search
Add many other hidden (only available in text) functionality to the basic search: file extension filter (video, text document, presentation, datasheets, audio search ...), site filter (video streaming, file share sites, anime streaming sites ...) and all popular file share link search, customizable categories and many more improvements. Check the site for tips and more information: Contact: www > imak1to/Google_Mail_-_Gmail_attachment_on_top
Just an easy script that moves Gmail attachments from bottom to the top of your email. www > 4806
Remove Gmail and Outlook Ads on web www > 37967

Webmail Ad Blocker

Block ads on the right side of the screen when using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and which expand your message space www > 395616
Scroll through posts with standard J/K keyboard shortcuts. L to like, O to save, M to play/stop. Why J/K navigation? Because it's also used in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail, etc. www > 414407
Hides background images at and reorganizes chat bubbles. Works in Gmail. www > 402539

Gmail Dark Theme

Dark theme for Gmail. Changing default dark theme, some backround colors and adding some borders

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