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Wide GitHub

Change all GitHub repository and gist pages to be full width and dynamically sized. www > 429483
Find most active fork of a github repository. www > 411834
download github sub-folder via one click, copy the single file's source code easily www > 28592
A userscript that adds autocomplete search filters to GitHub www > Mottie/Github-userscripts/github-code-folding

GitHub Code Folding

A userscript that adds code folding to GitHub files www > Mottie/Github-userscripts/github-diff-links

GitHub Diff Links

A userscript that adds links to diff and pull request headers to jump back & forth between files www > 18344
A userscript that adds a table of contents to readme & wiki pages www > 30940

GitHub Files Filter

A userscript that adds filters that toggle the view of repo files by extension www > 33511
Show the latest 30 starred repos in new Github dashboard and shortcuts in header navigation. www > 398272

GitHub Update Fork

A userscript that adds a link to update your fork

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