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High-speed download of Git Clone/SSH, Release, Raw, Code(ZIP) and other files, project list file quick download (☁) www > 411834
download github sub-folder via one click, copy the single file's source code easily www > xthexder/wide-github/build/wide-github

Wide GitHub

Change all GitHub repository and gist pages to be full width and dynamically sized. www > 171
Add filters for GitHub homepage news feed items www > 423178

GitHub ToolBox

Read code with VS Code(github1s) www > 19773
A userscript that adds clickable image thumbnails www > Mottie/GitHub-userscripts/github-image-preview
A userscript that adds clickable image thumbnails www > tobyqin/tampermonkey_vue/github-info/github-info

Github Info

A demo to use vuejs in tampermonkey script. www > 5982
Adds colors to files by type, displays small images in place of file-type icons in a repository source tree www > Mottie/GitHub-userscripts/github-download-zip

GitHub Download ZIP

A userscript adds download links so that downloaded filenames include the SHA

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