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For a full list of features included in this script, see this document www > 406060
GeoGuessr Ultimate Script - One Script to rule them all - Work In Progress - Adding features over time - Removes Bottom, Right and Top Bar (Options) - Pimps Data - Makes for a cleaner experience - Removes Author (Optinal - For an extra challenge) - Changes flags with numbered flags - Adjust GeoGuessr Logo position - Adjusts Data position www > xsanda/GeoGuessr_Path_Logger
Add a trace of where you have been to GeoGuessr’s results screen www > 438837
For a full list of features included in this script, see this document www > 378570
Enables the user to customize the size of the map for GeoGuess// Edit the rem values for each map size to fit your need// If you can't click the "Increase button" the Game already thinks you are at the max-height it can g// If you want to always have a big map edit the values for 'size-1' as that is the default one that triggers when starting a new gam// Play with different values until you happ// Some sizes like the auto-shrink height are fixed I believe www > 33122
Removes the white bar at the bottom of geoguessr challenges www > 388469
Enables the user to have a bigger map when using the map-make// It also hides the Search Bar and the Sidebar when using the map-maker www > 396557
Changes correct location markers (The black circles with flags) to have numbers on summary screens - Adds transparency when mouseover pins to be able to read places name// Based on @author u/Artyer Script - Updated to work on new GeoGuessr Update www > 421551
Keeps local records on GeoGuessr website www > 422049
Shows the country's ISO code underneath the flag and the country name on hover in GeoGuessr Battle Royale

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