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GC little helper II

Some little things to make life easy (on www > 9713
Adds links and data to to make it collaborate with PGC www > Birnbaum2001/GCComment/src/gccomment


Add comments to your geocaches on www > DieBatzen/5814dc7368c1034470c8

GC Tour

Cachetour planning made easy. Pick some Caches, sort the list and print it out. Free for all users of! www > cgeo/send2cgeo

Send to c:geo

Add button "Send to c:geo" to and www > 15945


Make a better looking print-page on from the normal cache page www > 439287
Overrides the new nag screen on's cache listings when clicking external urls. This also adds target="_blank" attribute to any such links so that they open in a new tab. www > JRI/Geocaching_Map_Enhancements
Adds extra maps and grid reference search to, along with several other enhancements. www > 9660
Adds your SideTracked stats badge onto your profile page and SideTracked cache pages on www > 18020

Adds links and data to to make it more user friendly

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