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Updated for 2022. Settings are in the navigation menus. Now Includes support for with support for and hopefully soon. www > 11280
Redirects user to one of the screenshot links in the torrent's description after a delay. Also includes a link to search for screenshots on google images using a cleaned up version of the torrent's title. www > 370761
Removes those annoying price range listings from search results www > 445027
Get the trending price of an eBay item. Search for your item on eBay and filter by "Sold Items". Click the "GET TRENDING PRICE" button below the eBay logo. www > 14295
Block ads at thepiratebay.* domains. TPB is a all-age site but contains adult and sexist advertisements. www > 19591
Piratebay download via torrents www > 31554
Highlights specific words. www > 5848
Adds a sortable "Ratio" column www > 34568
Remove ebay listings that have range values www > 368235
Hide items with a price range from the eBay search results

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