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Search results www > 1573
Updated for 2022. Settings are in the navigation menus. Now Includes support for with support for and hopefully soon. www > 21519

Check the card

Adds a warning to amazon and ebay to check card before checking out www > 5979
Allow filtering eBay searches based on additional criteria, global site support www > 402080
Replicates the minimum needed Javascript to make ThePirateBay work without running the on-site JS. Avoid the ads and popups. Made in response to the site no longer working with JS disabled. www > 1318
Automatically fills in the maximum bid box with the minimum possible bid. www > 13846

thepiratebay helper

Converts dates to local timezone on thepiratebay and optionally either highlight VIP/Trusted/Moderator/Helper torrents or hide non verified torrents altogether www > 10977
Adds links to similar/suggested items pages for all item pages www > 11280
Redirects user to one of the screenshot links in the torrent's description after a delay. Also includes a link to search for screenshots on google images using a cleaned up version of the torrent's title. www > 11377
enter something useful www > 12410
Hides items listed under ebay "items found from eBay international sellers" and "More items related to"

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