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The Pirate Bay Cleaner

Updated for 2022. Settings are in the navigation menus. Now Includes support for with support for and hopefully soon. www > 37077

Ebay Include Shipping

Show the true total including shipping on Ebay www > 11280
Redirects user to one of the screenshot links in the torrent's description after a delay. Also includes a link to search for screenshots on google images using a cleaned up version of the torrent's title. www > 422241
Adds a hoverfunction to the search results list that enlarges the main Item image www > 448672
Removes (sponsodered) ads from the ebay-kleinanzeigen results. www > 372813
Removes default trackers from ThePirateBay magnet links and adds many others www > 13846

thepiratebay helper

Converts dates to local timezone on thepiratebay and optionally either highlight VIP/Trusted/Moderator/Helper torrents or hide non verified torrents altogether www > 30586

eBay on Google Maps

Show eBay items on a Google Map. Links from search results and individual items. www > 32727

eBay Seller Assistant

Optimize Ebay function to make it more convenient (support domain name) www > 5979

A Better eBay Filter

Allow filtering eBay searches based on additional criteria, global site support

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