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Search results www > 21519

Check the card

Adds a warning to amazon and ebay to check card before checking out www > 34568
Remove ebay listings that have range values www > 368235
Hide items with a price range from the eBay search results www > FFY00/Ebay_-_Hide_Multiple_Listings
This script hides those spam multiple choice listings from ebay. Now you can sort by lowest price!! www > 445027
Get the trending price of an eBay item. Search for your item on eBay and filter by "Sold Items". Click the "GET TRENDING PRICE" button below the eBay logo. www > 10977
Adds links to similar/suggested items pages for all item pages www > 11280
Redirects user to one of the screenshot links in the torrent's description after a delay. Also includes a link to search for screenshots on google images using a cleaned up version of the torrent's title. www > 11377
enter something useful www > 12410
Hides items listed under ebay "items found from eBay international sellers" and "More items related to" www > 1318
Automatically fills in the maximum bid box with the minimum possible bid.

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