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Block ads at thepiratebay.* domains. TPB is a all-age site but contains adult and sexist advertisements. www > 28066
Sort the items by the to price instead of the from price because sellers use this to put their items at the head of the list even when the real item is more expensive. www > 402080
Replicates the minimum needed Javascript to make ThePirateBay work without running the on-site JS. Avoid the ads and popups. Made in response to the site no longer working with JS disabled. www > 5343

eBay - Display Totals with Shipping

Computes and displays the total price with shipping added. Inserts prices for all the extra options that may be included in the eBay page. Makes a new column that shows the final price for both the BuyItNow and Shipping price. Note: Only tested on ebay AU. www > 487341
Adds Imdb movie details in thepiratebay(and proxies), an embedded youtube trailer for movies, links to torrentz and torrent file caches, and and douban movie info / reviews www > 10977
Adds links to similar/suggested items pages for all item pages www > 11280
Redirects user to one of the screenshot links in the torrent's description after a delay. Also includes a link to search for screenshots on google images using a cleaned up version of the torrent's title. www > 11377
enter something useful www > 12410
Hides items listed under ebay "items found from eBay international sellers" and "More items related to" www > 1318
Automatically fills in the maximum bid box with the minimum possible bid.

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