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Search results www > camiloaa/duolingotreeenhancer/DuolingoTreeEnhancer
Enhance Duolingo by customizing difficulty and providing extra functionality. Based on Guillaume Brunerie's ReverseTreeEnhancer www > 431948
Auto answer Duolingo script! www > vaughanchandler/duolingo/duolingo-stats

Duolingo Stats

Shows stats on Duolingo www > 10836


Duolingo helper www > 22147
Allows you to practice any skill and adds a few niceties to the UI. www > 23939
This script gives access to immersion if you don't have it, and in unsupported languages. www > 29908
Enables Japanese on Duolingo. www > 30582
Search words from the language you are learning on Duolingo. www > 32941

ShadeRoot DuoLingo

Eye-friendly magic in your browser for DuoLingo www > 37693
This script allows you to type letters appropriate for current task without changing keyboard's layout

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