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Add number of games waiting to favicon www > 490
Hide ratings in games, and on your homepage. For those who don't want a constant reminder that their opponent is better (or worse) than them. www > 8575 New

Remove the advertisement plus recolor a little bit www > 416737
This plugin adds buttons next to the chess board allowing for a quick post-game analysis of the current game on screen www > 40908
chessComHideTacticsTimerClock www > chrono/Atomic_PGN_Downloader
An addon for to download Atomic chess variant PGNs and convert to Lichess compatible format www > 185070 Highlight Last Move Yellowish www > 3271
Move the movelist back to the left on the analysis board, so that it is useable when forced into a tab www > 408564
Chessbase style pieces on website www > 8474
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