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Bilibili Live Helper

Improve live viewing experience www > 394492
tencent, iqiyi, mgtv, youku, letv, Bilibili, sohu, tudou, 1905(Containing google ads) www > andywang425/BLTH/Bη«™η›΄ζ’­ι—΄ζŒ‚ζœΊεŠ©ζ‰‹

Bilibili Live Helper

Improve live viewing experience www > 396210
Through replacing suffixs to get the original address, convert the WEBP pictures of Douban, WeChat Public Account, Jianshu, Zhihu, Bilibili Read,, Dongchedi, into common formats(JPG PNG GIF) for web clipping of Evernote and Onenote. GIF kept and worked in new version. GIF in Douban & Zhihu(high quality) autoloads. You can also try to add included urls by yourself. Welcome feedback and suggestions. www > 404243


Seamlessly integrates movie ratings, narrations and watch links on douban, IMDb, RottenTomatoes, MetaCritic, Bilibili and YouTube sites. www > 390556


Bring Anime4K to Bilibili and ACFun's HTML5 player to clearify 2D anime. www > 415714

Make BiliBili Grate Again

useful tweaks for www > 374051

bilibili Danmaku Disabler

Automatically turn off bilibili HTML5 player danmaku www > 425696

Bilibili Vesiter

Bilbili remove the main station advertisement, remove the broadcast page advertisement, automatic widescreen, automatic full screen, automatic play, frame advance www > 431021
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