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Search results www > kalpdev.1/Auto_Translate_Pages_-_Amazon
Translate Amazon Pages automatic for every Marketplace www > mscarchilli/Amazon_Smile_Redirect
This script will automatically redirect you to the corresponding Amazon Smile page in the US, UK, and DE. www > sameer711/Amazon_Order_Total
Sum up the total amazon orders www > navchandar/Share_Less_-_URL_tracking_remover
Remove tracking from URLs like Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters, Google click identifiers (GCLID), Facebook click identifiers (FBCLID), Amazon share ID trakers www > subroot/Blackout


Hides Amazon images from the DP for 15 seconds www > 34885
Allows you to download subtitles from Amazon Video www > 381997
Show ASINs for episodes and movies/seasons on Amazon Prime Video www > 415464

Amazon CPU Tamer

It reduces CPU usage on Amazon shopping pages. Enjoy your snappy shopping. www > beporter/ce76204bcba35d9edb66b395bb5e9305
Repeatedly refresh a given "saved items" page (Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy), look for specific "Add to Cart" buttons, click them if present, and make a lot of noise on success. www > cuzi/Show_Metacritic.com_ratings
Show metacritic metascore and user ratings on: Bandcamp, Apple Itunes (Music), Amazon (Music,Movies,TV Shows), IMDb (Movies), Google Play (Music, Movies),, Steam, Gamespot (PS4, XONE, PC), Rotten Tomatoes, Serienjunkies, BoxOfficeMojo,,, Wikipedia (en),, letterboxd, TVmaze, TVGuide,,, ConsequenceOfSound, Pitchfork,, TVnfo,

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