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This script appends ?useskin=vector to any Wikipedia Wiki page you visit. This returns the site to its old default desktop layout before the 2023 redesign. www > 458494
Redirects Wikipedia to use the good (pre-2023) skin. www > wikiwho/WhoColor/userscript/whocolor
Displays authorship information on wikipedia. www > 7902
Focus the searchboxes of sites like wikipedia and amazon when visiting a site so you dont have to click it www > navchandar/Clean_Wikipedia

Clean Wikipedia

Remove citations and links and make it easy to copy paste content www > 376885
Redirect Wikipedia to Wikiwand for a modern browsing experience. www > 382833
Script gives Wikipedia pages a dark color theme www > 397740
Click to copy equation in Wikipedia and Zhihu www > 10731
Rearranges the "other languages" section of Wikipedia www > 12423
Adds relevant YouTube videos to Wikipedia and Wikiwand.

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