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Wanikani Double-Check

Allows retyping typo'd answers, or marking wrong when WK's typo tolerance is too lax. www > 377336

Wanikani Heatmap

Adds review and lesson heatmaps to the dashboard. www > 38582
Framework for writing scripts for Wanikani www > 441619
Reorders n stuff www > 16466

WK Auto Commit

Auto commit for Wanikani www > mwil/wanikani-userscripts/wanikani-phonetic-compounds/wk_keisei
Adds information to Wanikani about kanji that use Phonetic-Semantic Composition. www > 31070
Displays pitch accent diagrams on WaniKani vocab and session pages. www > 406404
Inspect Items in Tabular Format www > 19555
Quiz yourself on Wanikani items www > mwil/wanikani-userscripts/wanikani-similar-kanji/wk_niai
Adds a visually similar kanji section to content pages, reviews, and lessons

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