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DigDig.IO X-Ray

Let's you see more in www > 462361
AutoOreX Collects Diamond, Gold, Urananium & Amethyst! www > 428987
Server selector for Double click to copy, single click to download. www > 429166
3D, particles and glow effect for DigDig.IO and DigWorm.IO. Use num keys from 1 to 3 to toggle effects www > 429212

DigDig.IO 3D Effect

3D effect for DigDig.IO www > 431803

DigDig.IO Minimap

Minimap for www > 432066

DigDig.IO Gold Bot

A simple bot that farms gold in www > 432324
Creates a temporary account whenever you join the game. Good for using cheats and not get banned. www > 432388

DigDig.IO All Kirk

Makes all skins in a progeny of kirk. www > 456821

DigDig.IO X-Ray

Let's you see more in Requires no ads!

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