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DOI to Sci-Hub

Highlight DOI link on the current webpage and redirect it to Sci-Hub. www > 434310
Download the Refman(*.ris) with pdf URL queried from Sci-hub. Supported 80+ sites include Web of science, Researchgate, Springer, ScienceDirect, IEEE, MDPI, etc. Just see: www > 35521
Bypass paywalls for scientific documents by downloading them from sci-hub instead of paying something like 50 bucks for each paper. This script adds download buttons on Google Scholar, Scopus and Web Of Science, which lead to In this way you can get free access to scientific papers even if you (or your university) can't afford their prices. www > 11953
Extension for Manga OnlineViewer Fluid Mode + for 18+ sites, allowing double-page spread viewing for halved images. Sites: Fakku, HBrowse, doujin-moe, hentai2read, luscious, wondersluts,hentaimangaonline, exhentai/g.e-hentai, pururin, hentai4manga, doujinshihentai, hitomi, nhentai, hentaihere, 8muses, Tsumino etc. www > 407460
Adds SciHub links on Elsevier's Sciencedirect pages www > 28331
Remove annoying boxes when reading PDFs from Sci-Hub www > 39488
Automatically redirect to publisher website for full text when you click on the title in the Web of Science search result list www > 412001
Removes the Sci-Hub Sidebar when viewing an article www > 29777

Sci-Hub Out

Get out of the iframe. www > 387209
Unhides the "paywalled" articles on

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