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Removes the nagging login popups and banners from mobile and desktop versions of Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora,, VK and from the mobile version of Youtube. www > 38857
Currently trusted by over 100,000 users! www > 408925
Adds button to direct link or download the stupidly hard to save or share directly reddit videos. Designed to work on new Reddit only. Buttons appear when viewing the specific post -- does not work on preview/expand on post listing pages. www > 101743/Reddit_Mouseover_Popup_Image_Viewer
Shows larger version of thumbnails on www > 370915
Shows pictures and some videos right after the link, loads and expands comment threads. www > felixire/Reddit-Downloader/reddit

Reddit Downloader

Download your saved posts or directly posts from your feed with support for Direct links (png, jpg, gif, mp4...), (Gypcat kinda), Redgify, Imgur (Only when supplied with an API key) www > 29724


Dark themes, inline posts/comments, endless scrolling, subreddit filters, and other improvements for www > 370530
Based on Spaz's Reddit Delete, Adds subreddit selection and ability to delete posts. Replaces all VISIBLE comments with garbage text, then deletes the comment. Works with RES! www > 40706

QOL on the Web

Just some general quality of (my) life changes. Reddit: disable pinned top-bar, enforce old, hide sidebar on small screen. YouTube: disable end cards, enforce theatre-mode. Facebook: enforce most-recent. Duckduckgo: soften the ads. www > 407466
Creates the option next to edited and deleted Reddit comments/posts to show the original comment from before it was edited

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