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A fast, easy to use bot for www > 172617

NitroType Orange

This theme makes many of the buttons and texts orange. I would welcome any thoughts on it. Enjoy. www > 367657
A fast, easy to use bot for www > 373177


final version, no more updates www > 390451
A script that you can prank your friends with. This is my Friends account. BuZzKiLl Is me SH/\DOW is him www > 392609
This script displays the text to type in - S. S. Narr www > 39326
A fast, easy to use bot for www > 420462
An instant typer for NitroType. www > PrabhakarRai/Nitro-type-car-hack/dealership
Change cars on www > PrabhakarRai/Nitro-type-car-hack/garage
Change cars on

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