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Search results www > 444125

Netflix UHD

Play Netflix UHD content on any screen resolution www > 478739

Netflix Plus

Enable best audio and video and more features on Netflix www > 26654
Allows you to download subtitles from Netflix www > 420475
A configurable script that automatically skips recaps, intros, credits, and ads, and clicks "next episode" prompts on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Starz, Disney+, and Hotstar. Customizable hotkey to pause/resume the auto-skipping functionality. Alt + N for settings. www > 23916
Adds links for searching titles from www > 397248


Improve Netflix www > 11299
Import Netflix Cookies www > 12118
This script will prevent movies listed in the sliders from enlarging when you hover over them, thus stopping movies from moving around and making the site easier to use. www > 17015
Embeds a youtube trailer in the detail view. www > 17060

Netflix Next

Instantly plays the next episode. This script skips the wait time on auto-play and circumvents the "auto pause" that checks if you're still watching.

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