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Cleans the tracking stuff from LinkedIn URLs. www > 22948
Redirects all pages under a domain+subdomains (currently LinkedIn) to Google Cache. Not really tested. Will break LinkedIn. Probably don't install. www > 24301
Allows to download learning videos you see on LinkedIn. Must be logged in. www > 28565
One-click add all LinkedIn "Recommended for you" people in the My Network page www > 3005
Preview profile images on LinkedIn www > 31771
Get free @ and Power Bot for no-code app creation, intelligent spreadsheets, and AI powered social marketing and sales automation. www > 377991
LinkedIn Learning 字幕中文翻译脚本 www > 386859


Removes promoted posts on LinkedIn www > 395219
Make it easier to review and manage job search results, with faster keyboard shortcuts, read post tracking, and blacklists for companies and jobs www > 410048
Filter jobs based on title and company

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