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Automatically expands the older comments accordion in JIRA so you see all comments by default. Workaround to jira.comment.collapsing.minimum.hidden. Aids in searching page. www > 411839
Show child issues inline without swimlanes in next-gen JIRA projects on grouping None www > SethSilverBeard/jira-awesomizer-defaults
Automatically fills in common JIRA values and allows you to override defaults www > deftbrain/userscripts/rocket-jira/rocket-jira

Rocket Jira

A userscript that helps to automate some chore in Jira. Avaiable features: creating many subtasks (with specified estimate, assignee, and one custom select field) for a Jira issue from a context; filling out the weekly timesheet with predefined daily hours for needed tasks. www > qoomon/userscript-jira-dependency-indicators/jira-dependency-indicators
try to take over the world! www > IgorVodka/Velvica_Jira_Improvements
makes Jira better! www > 138329

Trelloified JIRA

Make JIRA boards look more like Trello, i.e. clearer and easier to manage. Hides the sidebar when collapsed for more space, and makes the compact header extremely compact. www > 154946

JIRA Full Dark

This theme is based on Bejamin Bagley's excellent "Jira Dark Flat" theme. Benjamin's theme is the best I'd found yet, but it leaves a few elements in Bitbucket and JIRA with a white background, and it doesn't retain the custom header color defined on my JIRA server. This theme corrects both of those behaviors. www > 16478
Clicking a ticket id on a board opens the detailed ticket view in a new tab www > 20960
Makes the menu bar in JIRA issues stay at the top of the page when scrolling

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